my book is finally out! I don’t know how to self-promote without sounding like uriah heep so I will just go ahead and set this bushel aside.

People are saying:

  • “a breezy fable of empire, class, conquest and ecocide.”—New York Times
  • “Pete Beatty’s very funny, rambunctious debut novel, “Cuyahoga,” is not a Trump-era allegory. It could be read with pleasure in 2002, or 1950. Or 1837, when most of it is set. It’s a satire of tall tales, but not a distant, too-cool treatment. Beatty, a Cleveland-area native, deeply inhabits the tone and style of the form, paying sidelong homage to an essential American genre.”—Los Angeles Times
  • “[Beatty’s] book is really good: boldly conceived, imaginatively written and wholly original”—Columbus Dispatch
  • “… a richly embroidered, most original tale”—Akron Beacon Journal

I’ll be doing events over the course of the month, to read a bit from the book, chat with people who inspired and guided me, have a chuckle or three. Come hang out! And obviously grip a copy of the book, from Square Books, or your personal preferred independent bookseller, or Bookshop, or wherever. In the meantime, stay safe, clean your gutters, make sure to stretch and hydrate.

3 thoughts on “immodesty”

  1. Just saw a blurb about you and your new book. I’ll have a go at it – buying through my local indie bookshop, Vintage in Vancouver, Washington.

  2. Just finished the last page. Enjoyed this book, immensely. Erupted a great deal of guffawing over this past week of political “hold your breath” intrigue.

    The ending–never saw it coming, knocked my front tooth out. Nice work!

  3. Thank you so much for this riotous romp of a read. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a yarn like this. I read the book slowly and carefully because I love the English language and your cadence and tone and tempo and word choice created for me an almost overwhelming visual impact, Cuyahoga is pure literary delight.

    And the fact my grandfather‘s name is Spurgeon made it even better. 😀

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