tickets of 2019


  • 01/10/19 Bumblebee
  • 01/15/19 If Beale Street Could Talk
  • 01/29/19 Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse (on the leaderboard for 2019 best movie)
  • 03/19/19 Captain Marvel  trash
  • 03/29/19 Us (see Spiderman: Into…)
  • 05/14/19 Pokemon Detective Pikachu (spoiler: it turns out that pikachu is the dead cop dad)
  • 05/24/19 Booksmart (barfing during sex is never not art. the last movie i saw before leaving town for a writing residency during which i got a full time job back in tuscaloosa so a curtain came down on my life and came up on a …. different chunk of my life. like the part in Super Mario 2 where you pick your character. Is Super Mario 2 influenced by Twin Peaks.)
  • 06/26/19 Toy Story 4 (not as good as Toy Story 3 but still good)
  • 07/02/19 Spider-Man: Far from Home (enjoyable and I like that Tom Holland who is somehow British)
  • 07/03/19 Jaws (honestly I wish I’d seen it more often starting earlier in life. A joy. Talking about SHARKIN)
  • 07/09/19 Midsommar (the day after I started my new job; my amigo hated it, I thought it was pretty alright if a little tiresome by the end)
  • 07/16/19 Crawl (about what you would expect for a move about fighting alligators in a crawlspace. good father-daughter dynamic)
  • 07/24/19 The Matrix (better than I remembered but still articulating a future-aesthetic that I find v v v corny and dumb)
  • 08/16/19 The Farewell (I didn’t like the v very very end where the filmmaking indirectly suggests that cancer can be cured with posi vibes but this was great sentimental stuff)
  • 08/25/19 Scheme Birds (at Sidewalk Film Fest, v good)
  • 08/25/19 Recorder (also at Sidewalk, good)
  • 08/27/19 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
  • 09/03/19 Angel Has Fallen (Gerard Butler preemptive retrospective continues)
  • 10/21/19 The world premiere of the opera adaptation of Let Us Now Praise Famous Men (as far as experimental prose collage opera adaptations go … it seemed fine)
  • 10/25/19 Joker (bad movie)
  • 11/19/19 The Strip: Tuscaloosa’s Most Colorful Quarter Mile (Bama Theatre)
  • 11/23/19 Parasite (at the Patton Creek mall sprawl in Hoover)
  • 11/24/19 Tannehill State Park (not a movie but they did give us an old timey red tear-off ticket) (support local parks)
  • 11/28/19 Knives Out (the way the nurse dressed will go down as a historically significant document of dressing like its 1992
  • 12/14/19 Queen and Slim (at The EDGE 12 in Bhm) I praise the authentic Clevelandness of the scene where Officer Sturgill Simpson gets it. Also, the weirdly detailed use of the Forty Niner Restaurant name but not the interior of the Forty Niner which is admittedly too small and dingy for cinema
  • 12/24/19 Children’s Christmas service at the National Cathedral in Washington DC-i have ideas on how this could have been improved, DM for details
  • 12/27/19 Cedar
  • 12/30/19 Uncut Gems (Cedar Lee, Cleveland Heights OH)

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