i saw christ flee from an icon b/w motor away


more sentences from the sentence thing, as discussed previously.

  • His only company was a one-armed man in a double-breasted suit.
  • The tyrants of the marketing department have convened an off-site war council.
  • He waded ashore into thickets of strangers, as blank to him as dogs.
  • I did love him/her, in a sort of inside-out way, not so much for his/her self but for the way he/she made me feel.
  • We were trapped in the vast and ignoble complex of opinions about our insecurities.
  • This is petty, but fuck you if your family owns a sailboat.
  • Some people were people, and other people were clouds of spiders working together to form the shape of a man.
  • I keep skimming the pages of the world already read for my sins, expecting them to be flagging with theatrical grammar. Instead they come in the middle of long sentences, in plain wrappers.
  • I have been cutting and stacking days like sod.
  • Insecurity is the world’s shittiest kaleidoscope
  • For a long time I was convinced that the entire world was vibrating gently, but later on I realize it was just my head that was buzzing.
  • We have realized only too late that we will never complete our catalog of resentments.
  • The sky was the color of spit.
  • He even drove like a real estate agent.
  • “psychological health is a luxury good”
  • Ossified fake boobs about as sensual as car headrests
  • I still feel like I’m the guy walking past a busy restaurant looking in at a big bustling roomful of yuppies laughing and sharing tapas or whatever
  • I watched a swarm of arms descend on the fruit tray, leaving behind unloved wedges of melon like the picked-over ribs of a carcass.
  • The city burned down every night.
  • This part of town was gentrifying at the indifferent steady pace of mold.
  • The fact that I had just paid $13 via credit card for a small plate of raw vegetables passed through my worried and broke mind like a kidney stone.
  • The couple fought briefly like furious mustelids, then calmly slid into the trance of smartphone use as if they didn’t even know each other.
  • He much preferred the map to the road.
  • As I ride from Sunset Park to lower Manhattan the pedestrians slowly ramp in their wealth and style; by the end of the ride skin and teeth are glowing and the younger, hipper ones are dressed like techno-courtiers.
  • The highway above me wheezed carbon monoxide like a infected metal lung.
  • if your eye offends you, check the warranty
  • We cannot go to heaven alone, but we can go nearly everywhere else without company.
  • I feel the usual desire to have walked some distance without knowing or understanding the steps along the way. Particularly the first step.
  • Robbing strangers wasn’t that bad, as long as you didn’t hurt them, and strangers should not take it so personally.
  • No one ever talks about the other two guys crucified with Jesus.
  • He tried a system of billing people who made eye contact with him, to little success.
  • Being that rich seemed fucked up and suicidal, walking around with life-changing amounts of money stuffed in  your pants like lit sticks of dynamite. But it probably feels different to hold that much money when you aren’t desperate.
  •  The problem with keeping everything in perspective is that eventually you forgot how to overreact.
  • Teeth don’t get that white by accident.
  • It wasn’t enough to be sure of where his next meal was coming from; he wanted to be sure of where his next 365 * remaining life expectancy * 3 meals were coming from, with a few thousand more meals added in as a hedge against variations in purchasing power and commodity prices.
  • The second mate rigged himself with a transponder before he threw the airlock open, so his corpse’s progress through the infinite could be tracked forever.
  • I have to learn to make it to and from work every day without being turned on or disgusted by the shape of the world, learn to act with the thickskulled and deathless confidence of an chain of baby boomer dads stretching beyond the limits of space and time
  •  it’s about how the 21st century has cracked the atoms of self and created the ego equivalent of a nuclear bomb.
  • We would all compete against one another to build our own miniature Edens, fighting viciously for available resources and materiel, with collaboration expressly against both rules and spirit of the game.
  • One of the industrial byproducts of our present modernity is that we are so familiar with things, particularly things we love, that we start to notice previously invisible imperfections, mushy spots, pockmarks.
  • I followed the trail of red drips up the stairs of the McDonald’s, unsure if it was blood or some industrial foodstuff.



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