kicked in the ass before and by experts


Why so much baseball? Once again, who knows. But we can hazard some guesses. Baseball is essentially a 19th century game. Before broadcast media or widely available audiovisual recording technology, the only way to see an MLB game was live, in meatspace. Without airplanes or a network of paved roads between cities, it was a lot harder to get your eyes to the specific meatspace coordinates at which a baseball game was to be played. So why not schedule as many games as possible? This makes even more sense when you consider that gate receipts—and the sale of root vegetables and moonshine or whatever people snacked on in 1904—were the only way pro baseball made money. The major leagues might have only grudgingly limited themselves to 154/162 because of practical limits.The prevailing climate in original big-league cities is kind of shitty (technical meteorological term) between the end of baseball in late October and its resumption in April. In the old Pacific Coast League, in California’s mild weather, teams routinely played 180+ games in a season. It is alleged that the 1905 San Francisco Seals played 230 games.

–yr boy, in the Classical’s new issue. Maybe you should buy it[?].

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