premillennialists have a habit of falling out with one another b/w died in mutinous silence


I got a new job +/-1 month ago; subsequent to that i discovered that i had contorted myself, like a plant growing toward light, upon departing the the patch of ground i’d been potted in for the previous five years. got to learn to live with regrets etc etc etc. starting a new gig inspired me to worry myself into a dose of emotional menopause, feeling all hot and cold at once about everything, activating reverse midas-touch decision making powers, and eventually just reconciling myself to spending a month on the couch watching justified instead of trying to conquer the woes of selfhood by fretting so hard that i passed out. but i am well occupied portaging my canoes back toward the right creek. random shitty crumbs from early summer 2013 in the fake-gilded mansions of nonspecific sinning:

The girls from the beauty school smoking on the front steps of the L’Oreal princess academy or whatever the beauty school is called with their cheek piercings and pink hair highlights and human bodies, working through packs of menthols like some kind of underseas hot spring geomorphs or whatever you call it gurgling vent in the ocean floor cooing over cell phone baby pictures and gossiping and talking and commiserating and preparing lives in service of beauty

One truck goes by and gothic caps on the side of the hood read GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS and that truck sweeps past to reveal a truck that says PET CHAUFFEUR and then MANHATTAN PITA passes in the other direction. Fancy tacos get eaten and then I go home to the neighborhood of non-fancy tacos.

Onward and upward!


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