full of life and money and paninis b/w assembly line sickness

eric kennington

What if the highest expression of humanbeingness is playing BioShock while mildly stoned and full of healthy snacks incl baby carrots or not-too-many dried apricots. Pressing on the controller buttons like prayer beads. Running and jumping and shooting through the many mansions of an imaginary house. There is a higher architecture to all this; it’s not  human but we can live in it like a half-built ruin. Giant tv glowing with amazing images as unimaginable as blindness.

Working-class lady with twinkle in her eye chewing gum like there was money in it.

For sure these pants definitely don’t really cover my ass; I am not sure how this happened. Two dudes on the train looking at a rock climbing mgazine. There is a temptation to throw hands up and say “fuck it.” What I would not give for a solution to the issue of these pants right now.


Anti-sudoku jeremiad

Yuppies exchanging knowing smirks about a smelly, angry-mumbling bum on the train.

“others were disrespectful and belligerent. That was never me”–guy pandhandling

“true players don’t hate”–DJ screw

Guy on subway who has been chewing something (not gum) without swallowing for the entirety of ride. What is he doing.

Never stop finding adults commuting with their kids on subway amazing. It’s like commuting with a tiny experimental revision of yourself (unless your kid is shitty)

All humans are half-breeds

very much had hoped that the TV show Duck Dynasty was about a family of wizard-looking dudes who had Dr Doolittle style ability to commune w ducks and lead them to their final victory over humanity

Hockey carnies

The most tendentious white people

Retirement aged lady in Han Solo pants (tucked into poofy boots), peroxided blonde hair, eating Ritz crackers methodically, urgently, imprecisely.

My superpower is peeing loudly

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