lincoln was his own psychiatrist


watching a dude expertly fold his Wall Street Journal (it was kind of a showoffy move to be totally transparent) this morning on the R train. it felt like watching someone hand-dip candles or hoop a barrel. in 100 years half-cyborg children would watch that and be like what are you doing, person of yore. But those robo-children would also look at a diorama of Google Glasses or market capitalism or the current American healthcare system or the best most current and rad thing we have and be like SMDH.

but also in 100 years filthy urchins might huddle in their anti-radiation tent, from the bottom of a soggy smoking crater, pawing through a mildewed, creased copy of Wired magazine and be like WIZARDS WALKED THE EARTH WHAT IF THEY COME BACK TO KILL US.

takeaway: we don’t have to choose, we have time for both.


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