O my sweet beef

Things that became an accomplishment instead of a lifestyle choice/error since I got back spasms (mostly better now)

-Eating an entire box of cereal slowly over the course of  a single day

-Getting said box of cereal from the drug store 400 feet from my couch

-Physical enaction my lack of self-restraint

-Rounding down the time for my next dose of ibuprofen by as much as a third

-Changing t-shirts

-Only vacuuming the rugs in my apartment and not picking up the visible dust bunnies beyond the rug frontier

-Paying people to do my laundry

-Acquiring a slice of pizza and eating it in like ten rapid bites before it even really cooled off properly

-Caffeine-free diet coke

-Unnecessary fan use resulting in unnecessary blanket use

-Opening the front door (like 35 feet away from couch)

-Consumption of anti-nutritious chinese food that came in through front door the time I walked to the front door and opened it

-Non-doing of dishes

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