encouraging bourgeois individualism/victims of something

Relatively complete list of the movies I saw in theaters in the year 2009, as constructed using forensic ticket-stub analysis:

Andrei Rublev†


Bam Gua Nat

Bigger Than Life
Brighton Rock
(seen in Washington DC)
Day of Wrath
Diary of a Country Priest
Drag Me to Hell
Fat City
In a Lonely Place
In the Loop
Inglorious Basterds
Johnny Guitar
Leon Morin, Priest
Made in USA
Miracle at St. Anna
Odd Man Out
One Parallel Movie†
The Reckless Moment
The Road
Sherlock Holmes
(seen in Cleveland, OH)
Silent Light
(seen at Facets in Chicago, IL with Sam Exoskeleton)
Sin Nombre

Sin Nombre5

Slumdog Millionaire
Star Trek
The Thief of Paris
Terminator Salvation
Tokyo Story
2 or 3 Things I Know About Her


The Vanished Empire††
They Drive by Night
Waterloo Bridge

a waterloo bridge FORBIDDEN_HLLYWD_RHW_WB-1preston sturges
Wild River
The Wrestler
You, the Living

FAVORITES (not bounded by actually being released in 2009)
The Vanished Empire
Odd Man Out
Tokyo Story
Day of Wrath
* (I actually also saw this in a theater in 2008 as well but fuck you)
Diary of a Country Priest

† The only two movies i walked out of in 2009 were both at Anthology Film Archive. One Parallel Movie was bailed on after a ten minute shot that was just Rip Torn in a construction elevator talking to himself; Andrei Rublev was fled because of a squabble between me and the person I was seeing it with and it’s four hours long and I’ve seen it before and I really most wanted to see the balloon sequence at the beginning. And sometimes Anthology smells like cat piss. Only sometimes.

†† Only movie that made me cry in 2009

My average monthly rent in 2009 was $687. I spent about $0.94 an hour to keep a roof over my head, not withstanding utilities, heat, etc. I saw forty movies in 2009. I don’t want to get too scientific about this, but according to my rough math, it cost me about $5/hour. But that included free heat/AC and entertainment. And cleaning and a bathroom (well, a half-bathroom) and MOVIES.

2 thoughts on “encouraging bourgeois individualism/victims of something”

  1. that Bruno shit in DC was almost walk-outable, as evidenced by the middle-aged couple that walked out three minutes into it.

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