Santos L. Halper/his loverman persona


so i had two ideas in the shower, both for irritatingly niche-stupid works of personal expression:
1) this is more of a recurring theme. 21st century americanization of dead souls. still can’t decide what chichikov’s scam would be, and i don’t want it to have anything to do with ARMs …

wait, never mind i figured it out. SECRETS. now to tinker with this thing so that it’s not irritatingly obama-voting. ƒ BLACK REAGAN NUHZZ

2) re-writing the new testament, retaining the King James diction/translation except for the red letter words of JC, specifically the parables, which would be updated into like, David Simon-brand slightly befogged systems parables about a boys home/crumbling urbanity/failed civil bureaucracies. Also there would be dick jokes. or i would write the parables in Peyton Manning’s voice a la those DirecTV ads. Cuht that meat


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