shorty take your purse off for this one/Heilgeschichte


trying to wring spiritual value out of hipsterdom is like trying to eat rocks: you might wind up learning something from the process that makes you a better person, but the price is too high. first, it hurts to eat rocks, second, your teeth would break and people would know you’d done something wrong when you smiled or talked. anyway, my point is, i’ve learned a few things from working in an affluent playground of the deracinated urban elite, and also (until recently) living in one of their subaltern super-secret ice-cream play zones. the main thing that i learned is that, i hate most people who are near me in terms of socioeconomics/class demography GPS. i hate them a lot. for a variety of blubbery, small-minded reasons, and a smaller sampling of really good reasons. this blog is a collection of notes about *the other* things that i’ve learned, a knot of things that’s sealed the tomb of my desire to differentiate myself from my fellow travelers by way of what i consume.

i wonder at the end whether my decision to not participate is just another tiny upmarket culture war, that by choosing to not pay attention to the cultural terrain as i pass through it i am in effect making the same choice i made when i reverse-reverse told people that Stone Temple Pilots have always been good, making that same kind of choice, just with different production values.

fashion is transient fuckery of the worst kind. vanitas and shit. ego et arcadia blarrgg.

i have to go. more later.

4 thoughts on “shorty take your purse off for this one/Heilgeschichte”

    1. only glanced at it once or twice (i don’t have a copy at home, and it’s hell of expensive). so, 99% kismet 1% spandex.

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