small syphilitic god




LBJ st paul kierkegaard john donne was the first person to privilege consumption patterns over personal conduct

i watched a dude painstakingly bed-head-ify his hair in the glass of a loft-building door, then five minutes later, walking back past his vanity-door from the emo bodega, the same dude was scamming on a chick in the entry to the train. i said, fuck that guy, he’s really bringing down the property value of my rental-real-estate-self-esteem, but then i realized i had a list in my pocket of upmarket personal grooming products that i’d been meaning to buy but hadn’t, because i was more concerned with stacking bundles of cash to exchange later on for tofu power sandwiches.

earlier i watched a dad/son/daughter walk down broadway and thought if i was him (dad), i’d tell her (daughter) that nobody needs to wear jeans that tight, even if the wearing of said jeans was proving to be an immensely valuable experience for the redblooded american dude-eyes that happened to be following the wearing-act down the street. then i realized that he probably doesn’t look at his own daughter’s can the same way i do. i think this means i’m 27.

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