i’m into sports, mom

some clippings/web folk art/poetry in defense of the BCS

bill james says to hug the BCS because it’s an affront to… wait for it… statisticians. makes more sense to think of it as an affront to the american brand of rationality as practiced in either the old west or sports or both.

obama says he is going to make this a signature issue, mostly it seems because he’s actually a sports fan, maybe the first Presidential one since nixon called in blitz packages to George Allen Sr.

the BCS hasn’t done anything more radical that the two-party system, major-league sports, or Ivan the Terrible.

Alternate thesis: oligarchies: they happen sometimes.

american ideals of competition are kind of well, fucked. “Let the best man win” isn’t really the American way. Nor is “let the winner win” (see elections of 1824, 1876, 2000, see every college football season in recent memory, see all pro-sports playoff tourneys that invalidate ponderously long regular seasons.) The American way, at least as the automatic-cultural-handwriting passion play of sports goes, is um… “Give lip service to notions of fair play and received ideas about sportsmanship, but basically just get your money/money proxy (visual drama wrt genitals, clothes, laundry money, that used RX7 you’ve been eyeing).

american notions of fair play: weird and internally contradicted
america: weird and internally contradicted
professional for-profit entertainment sports: not a good destination for the expenditure of serious philosophical effort/government legislation. these are soap operas. it would be weird if the US federal government intervened to prevent a stupid plotline about being possessed by evil spirits from happening on Days of Our Lives.





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