ads in a LES bus stop promoting the idea of invasive child welfare or something–the copy below the images says, hey, that shit you are doing is TVed up, if your baby was more sapient, he would say (in a fun sans serif font) PLEASE STOP MY INNOCENCE IS BEING STOLEN. if i was the kind of person who liked grinding axes on the cultural equivalent of dead air, or rather, if i was more bored, i would point out that…

the two kids are (presumed by me) to be 1) hispanic 2) african-american. there wasn’t a picture of a white baby thinking “mommy and daddy had a lot of chablis and are driving the mini cooper anyway”


* [so for those who are not trapped in the capital of weimar america like me, there is this insane glut, touched off by pinkberry, i think, of upper-middle-brow frozen yogurt stores in NYC. on one hand it makes sense: people like snacks, frozen yogurt is a snack, it’s low-calorie, it’s vaguely appealing in the same way that like, paninis somehow furiously tickle some erogenous taste zone that plebian anglophonic sandwiches couldn’t even locate let alone tickle correctly.

on another, bigger, more sane hand, it doesn’t make any sense at all. renting a storefront costs thousands of dollars and generates a few subhuman service industry jobs. people cough up $7.50 they can’t afford for a (admittedly gigantic) pile of yogurt and fruit that would cost pennies from the grocery store. anyway, pinkberry begat red mango begat eskimix begat Yorganic begat Yoberry begat 16 handles, all of which might have been actually begotten by some combination of TCBY and Tasti D Lite (which i stand by as like, the best statist, anti-consumer yogurt experience out there: their thing is, there are two flavors on any given day. also the shops themselves are too small to more than three people to be in, and close down for the winter). where all of this ties into the ‘*’ is, I want to start one called YOGOSEXUALS that is the downmarket, whorish yogurt retailer.

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