these two dudes say: DO NOT FUCK AROUND WITH PET ABUSE

incoming bogies for late april 2008:
:: i’m getting a manicure. hypertrophic paw grooming regimen soon to become a regular thing with me. do not ask or otherwise respond to this unless you are going to give me money.

:: purchased: dee brown-related t-shirt at boston area streetwear retailer.

:: clae whitmans. in caramel.

:: faith in re 2008 cleveland indians. this is the year jake westbrook justifies all that cy young hype you’ve been hearing. also the ghost of fausto carmona’s afro-caribbean soul BBQ roots will run up on you. dude is like the vine deloria of pitching. or something. give me $50. please.

:: badger hand balms. A++++. fuck you guys. my hands are my livelihood.

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