OK, at this point taking potshots at the NYT for blindingly insipid reportage is a lot like hunting for pigeons with an silenced Uzi, but still, i cannot let this go past without taking an offbalance swipe at it:

In the partnership survey, the most frequent reasons given by drivers for shunning public transportation were the freedom to come and go as they liked and the ability to avoid dealing with other people. Mr. William — who lives within 10 minutes of a subway station in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, but said he drove into Manhattan below 60th Street every day — put himself in that camp, saying, “I am just really more comfortable in my car.”


some other news pegs for April 2008:
:: Reporting suggests that US Army is overwhelmingly composed of blue-collar types
:: Panhandler asks tourist for change, explains it was easier than turning around his life and starting a minimum-wage job
:: Astronaut lonely sitting in his tin can far above the world


  1. *hungry people prefer bigger portions
    *athlete tired after sporting event
    *the environment is a thing
    *quotes about issue from politician

    Here is a logical progression:

    1. The news section of the NYT is not the style section
    2. All other sections of the NYT are effectively the style section
    3. The NYT style section is stupid

    I’ll leave you big-shouldered philosophy types to solve the riddle.

    PS 4. Maureen Dowd totally writes for the style section

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