there’s no justice, there’s just us

Editor James Ledbetter describes The Big Money as “a general interest site for people who have an interest in money and financial affairs and economics … but not specifically or necessarily who work in the finance industry.” The site is expected to launch this summer.

so i was going to post some kind of ruminant paragraph about how i don’t understand the whole Eliot Spitzer festival of hate, i mean, bill clinton Xed someone with a cigar in the oval office on national television and we didn’t all swallow our retainers about it. but apparently spitzer (browface, in the words of BQA) was kind of a dick about stuff, so it makes a bit of sense that he deserves to get his nose rubbed in it to remind him of what he did to the rug. anyway i can’t think of anything anyone could have said that would be better than the fact that the dude from Girls Gone Wild offered the lady in question $1million to get naked for him but then in turned out, she had already been in like a week’s worth of their videos in the recent past, they had just forgotten about it. well, a woman’s character is her fate or something.


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