texas is the reason

now with late-breaking very short imprecise captions.


cellphone camera memories of: Austin, TX, Jan 2008. that is the state capitol as seen through trees and part of my finger.

this is what work looks like at an academic conference. i spent monday afternoon setting the booth up and friday afternoon tearing it down, and the intervening time was spent keeping the booth company during its too-short life.

i should have gotten a better pic of dude’s leg; it also feature the St Louis Cardinals logo; he had a very simple story behind all of them (he’s from StL, went to school in Milwaukee, liked baseball, didn’t give a shit what got tattooed on his leg. There you go.

I found it weird and funny that there was most of a four-pack of bottles of Chimay, which is made by monks in belgium, scattered in the leaves on the side of the road off south congress. most people who care enough to drink chimay have like a house or a tent to enjoy it in, instead of just a roadside ditch.

texas school for the deaf. has a dope retaining wall surrounding it, plus their rad text logo.

a face on a breaker box.

you can’t really tell at all, but this was a shirtless dude riding a mountain bike in traffic with a CAT ON HIS SHOULDER. and the cat was loving it.

the progression (or regression) of cities with their respective pants-sluttiness factor is a weird poem to the moment during the early 1970s when everything went wrong permanently. also, i like how the girl herself gets more louche, just in her general comportment, as her pants-style liberates her soul so that she can fulfill her lifelong dream of… not wearing a shirt.

i have since bought this shirt. it has way too much screen printing on it and is kind of itchy. but i also think it rules. two separate people in the past 10 days have told me i have “bad taste.” whatever. homo noeticus one true snack for the soul, is what i say.

the oilers weren’t from austin.

this is going to be the background photo on my cell phone until i get a new one; also, it was a poster on a dumpster.


me + travis bickle. in the men’s room of a kind of bogus pizza place on south congress.


do not get rabies. as much fun as it sounds like to pick up a dead bat, please restrain yourself.


this was a plaque about the lady who shot a cannon off to prevent sam houston from moving the state capital back in teh day.


bag, turkey.


this is a velvet bruce springsteen painting. n/c.

One thought on “texas is the reason”

  1. The athletic nickname for the Indiana School for the Deaf is the “Deaf Hoosiers,” which I think is funny for some reason.

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