never in my wildest dreams

i call this piece “will smith angry”

that cat weights (sic) a lot. his name is hewitt and for scale i am 6ish feet tall and weigh well over 200 lbz putting him at circa 5 feet 1 and 180 lbsz.

secular non-holiday greetings. i just woke up from a longterm nap with a burning need to write down some notes about the forthcoming jonathan frakes Speculative Celebrity Fiction which as always is thinly veiled pete beatty nonspec’lative noncelebrity nonfiction. word to voyages of self-discovery that can happen in mom’s condo’s downstairs toilet while peeing in the dark with your glasses off. here is an ASCII art preview of my cover design, which will look something like this:

J (face) (face) (face)
(face) C (face) (face)
(face) (face) S (face)
(face) (face) (face) F

or this:

J (face) (face) (face)
C (face) (face) (face)
S (face) (face) (face)
F (face) (face) (face)

both schemes incorporate a lot of white space above the word-talking-orthographic shiz. i was thinking either a baskin robbins color scheme or a basic like pantone rainbow set. the faces are going to mutate. and it might be strategically advantageous to break the 4×4 square. the idea is that the first picture to the right of the initial letter will be a monochrome like graffiti stencil of dudes (the only dudes that i suspect will be involved are frakes, brad pitt, and the internet) that, as you move from left to right, loses integrity and at the end you have a skull. or a gorilla mask. somebody had too much juice and cookies before bed time

#as a favor to me can everyone please read the wikipedia entry about barry horowitz

One thought on “never in my wildest dreams”

  1. I read that Barry Horowitz shit. This is the only thing that’s funny: “arguably best known for his stint as a jobber in the World Wrestling Federation.”
    Who’s arguing about what makes Barry Horowitz well-known? Shouldn’t people be arguing about whether or not he actually is well known at all?

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