ex girl to next girl

this is the chicago city flag that used to be flying over ribs und bibs before it (the flag) was promoted by my mans. i felt bad about causing its theft for a while but now i’m ready to sleep under it. fun fact: it has visible meat-vapor stains.

new kind of friskies. something about this unsettled me (hint: it is “the touch of garden greens” not least because the touch of garden greens doesn’t merit a proprietary shape of kibble to signify that that specific kibble is like, the roughage. me and the cat have not discussed this at length yet but i expect to take care of that sometime tonight.

a new look for count chocula. normally i’m really a stick in the mud about cereal packaging but this is swell. something about “let the product sell itself.” somebody over at general mills realized what they’re selling is really the count himself, and not the cereal. bravo to all.

wiry cat using two things for things, in this case both a blanket and a pillow (you might argue she is also using a bed for a bed). anyway i admit i manipulated this photo and tucked her into the blankie, civil-war-photographer moving corpses style, but i don’t feel like that voids the journalistic capital we are handling here right now.

n/c. this was on a paper honor box on clark street.

youth without youth: startling, good. also the achingly beautiful white lady in youth without youth supplanted starbuck from battlestar galactica in my hyperthalamatic Speculative Romance Brain Pavilion or whatever which i kind of think was a good and due change, because starbuck gives me the H-Js. something about cranio-facial similarities to a baseball player. no need to go into further detail.

also i don’t know if i ever mentioned this to anyone but Caribou/Andorra is the only good record that came out this year.

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