i know it hurts

this is a dude with a giant snake, wearing a shaquille o’neal jersey. captured in crown heightz brooklyn. racism spans the globe.

from recent fun times at the hospital, one of the last things i saw before going upstairs. going out on top, is what they call that.

things that i had at work, on my desk, one day. there are A LOT of pictures of frogs in that book, sorted and kind of licensed or at least wrangled with by… me.

a thing i made. this omelette has okra in it. i was probably hung over.

file under “bags that tell you what is in them”

Jeff Samardjiza jersey t-shirt. i’d like to point out that dude likes samardjiza enough to floss his jerzee tee before he ever plays for the cubs. why not just spring for the replica jersey? or hang yourself in the garage? mmh?

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