who got all these ugly (women) pregnant

top nine at nine for 12/17/07
1. stratomatic 2005 baltimore orioles: i think it’s possible to assemble a 1-9 batting order of nothing but mitchell report-ites.
1a. stratomatic baseball, writ large
2. saigon/”come on baby” ft jay-z
3. stroopwaffel
4. PMA.
5. Invisible Man. i probably should have read this already but i haven’t had as much processor time to dedicate to the african-american experience as i needed recently outside of little wayne and jamal lewis.
6. knowing what happens in season 5 of the wire and not saying anything about it. yeah yeah yeah yeah.
7. battlestar relaxica. shit is good. and by good i mean, totally fungible drama located in space. basically i have a crush on all the
people on the show. incl edward james olmos. esp edward james olmos. excl … whatever
12. suede

3 thoughts on “who got all these ugly (women) pregnant”

  1. you dont know what McNulty has in store. Or Omar. If you do I will extract that knowledge from you in Chi. I am currently trying to cultivate friendships exclusively on the basis of whether person has a) a TV ; b) HBO; c)an affinity for Shakespearean tableau of a place called Bodymore.

  2. I spent a couple of weeks preparing my soul for the inevitable naming of Pujols in said Mitchell Report. Fortunately, Ryan Franklin fell on that grenade.

    He told me his name was Wendell O. “O” as in “Oh, shit I tried to sell shit to an undercover officer.”

  3. yo i do totally know what happens wrt McNulty and Omar. I can tell you that in McNulty’s case it involves dentures and multivalent lying to people. In Omar’s case it involves the Caribbean and lower leg injuries. BLAO. you want more specifics e-mail me.

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