divers lewd and mutinous libels

so since i stopped drinking, like i said, i’ve locked myself out of my house twice. driven by my recent struggles, today i bought a thing to connect my keys to my pants on a semi-permanent basis. downtown print it. but the like, bathos of this shit is: as a result of certain expediencies/liberties regarding my keychain organization, i am formally taking the bottle opener off said keychain. it’s like that one miller lite commercial wherein the dude realizes he no longer needs a talking keychain bottle opener that says “beer me beer me beer me” over and over again. except instead of a fake-upgrade to a watery, domestic, i stopped drinking at the gentle, flintyeyed advice of science medicine doctors. this will be our year, took a long time to-hoo co-home.

Just so everybody knows, there is a new link on the sidebar, not that i prune that ish with any regularity. but it feels right to let you know that you can get to hockeygoalies.org from my extremely non-read and non-cited internet stump. if i get rocked this shit is for my kids, &c.


postscript: so, if there is a thing wherein the concept of “bear” is an identifiable, marketable-to subgenre of human sexuality, is there another, shadowy-reflection of a thing wherein there are heterosexual bears? is that a thing? i was thinking about it. my other big idea for this week was to sell t-shirts from the fictional Hudson University.

things being presently marinated upon:
Teach for America (is that a thing? i will be posting about my newfound and fearfully powerful Positive Mental Attitude and the importance of giving back to the community)
Law & Order SVU (has attained a crazy socioromantic harmonic frequency wherein it is in certain unspeakable ways more satisfying than some episodes of high church Orbachian L&O. just throwing that out there for consideration.)

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