plots i have laid 3.0


i sing america. anyway my brain is working again so maybe i can start posting again. for the nonce all i can think of is naming my firstborn Stringer. maybe? What about marlo?

blah blah blah brain is working again is the primary important reading comprehension point in that last bit. feels like 2002 inside my head again. Browns threatening, like some kind of renegade eastern european water polo team, to fuck up balance of power in NFL sportswelt, ohio state has outside chance to sneak into BCS shit, new world flowering dutch sailor’s eyes. to keep it couched in obscure, inaccurate understandings of the great gatsby, i feel like that tense scene in the hotel room has ended inside my soul and once i more i breathe the open air of FLushing meadows. hopefully i will not run down anybody’s inamorata while letting a dumb rich woman drive my car thus leading to my visually impressive but nevertheless medically inadvisble getting shot on an inflatable mattress. if anybody has $50,000 floating around please mail it to me care of freehling pot & pan company.

also I sat through Ratatouille. this was the first time i relented and didn’t insist that all digital animation is for children, specifically ugly stupid children who would tend towards fascism, politically, if people like you and me weren’t around as shining, gauzy beacons of new deal liberalism even in these dark times. anyway my point was, Ratatouille started out with a sort of ok premise but then it got cold retarded bad within an hour. Also it was too loud and noisy. i got tired of it at the 1 hr mark and played tiger woods golf while enjoying some tobacco products and a blueberry tea. that is living and living is good. another thing that i saw was Killer of Sheep and if you don’t know now you know. i will proselytize for this ish. get down or lay down. i have the DVD, you can borrow it, only if you promise to watch it a lot. also, approx 1 yr after i threatened initially to do this, i bought a:

penguin-shaped humidifier

also, from the Moral Heuristics of Streetwear Desk:

native american war headdress screenprinted onto a hoodie… hmm… i mean, like, it is definitely ok and i approve. what i am trying to say is, buy me this.


3 thoughts on “plots i have laid 3.0”

  1. i own that humidifier. don’t keep it too close to your bed, else shit will get swampy.

    i’m allegedly watching harlan county usa right now. i ain’t feelin it, mostly since i’m a poseur marxist.

  2. Goodness, I don’t know if you even still check this, but could you PLEASE tell me where you found that Native American hoodie, please. I saw someone wearing one the other day, and I’ve been scouring the depths of the internet for it, and this blog post is the closest I’ve gotten. Please could you point me a step further?

  3. hey kayleigh — i saw it at the fulton street mall in brooklyn five years ago. it was academiks brand — that might help?

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