aiyo son, the temp is risin

In view of my previous weariness of office, and vague thoughts of resignation, my fortune somewhat resembled that of a person who should entertain an idea of committing suicide, and, although beyond his hopes, meet with the good hap to be murdered.

It is a profound temptation to try hammer rick ankiel into a rude representational shape of america AD 2007. i am glad rick ankiel exists and i question the motivations of reporters from new york city (said as with a mouth full of curdled milk) mining trash receipts for evidence that someone did something that wasn’t against the rules at the time to crow about. although i suppose people would go to the trouble of crucifying a common thief like Jason grimsley, there’s plenty of timber for rick ankiel.

anyway all i want to say is, fuck the world and everybody in it. i love you rick. keep on TCBin.

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