chrome spokes on your japanese bike

a bug’s eye view of san jose, california and points eastward. will expand later. maybe.

you are in sharks country. moments after taking this photograph a slatternly bar maid came out the door of this establishment and asked me what i thought i was doing.

look out! a car is coming!

this is what feet look like, when attached to ecologists.

young guy, little bit of money in his pocket, big city, friday night

alpine white Geo metro four door on blades. these appeared to be spinners but couldn’t tell as i did not see car in motion.

i have a pair of binoculars and am old enough to go outside, caltrain edition

this was embedded in the lucite bartop of a hotel bar. n/c.

yep, this is from inside a toilet stall. one step closer to thee.

well, the more i think about it the more a folding cane makes sense. because sometimes you want to put your cane away, and non-folding canes would definitely be awkward to store.

at repose. note the additional Guest Cat ™ on the arm of the chair. yes.

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