*this is* ceti alpha five

some errata/scenes from mowing my acres with the muzhiks:
i do not successfully use RSS feeds or the bookmark functionality of web browsers. i think my unhappinesses may be spiritually/metaphysically related to this habit. not causal. but related. like families.

stumbling out the front door this morning, serenaded by two cleaning dudes at the washington mutual laughing hell of loud about some kind of joke involving a women’s rear end. enjoying life. i watched a couple episodes of The Wire for the third or fourth tonight very early this morning. the one where wallace dies.

have been consuming ambitious amounts of fried chicken and keeping very still these days. am reading poetry a lot also.

FRKING A ARE YOU SERIOUS. I can’t wait to get behind a barricade and swing a cudgel at motherfuckers if this country keeps heading this way. i feel like a real grump rooting for nuclear winter but i don’t see what the otherwise right thing to root for might be.

nuclear winter frankly seems more realistic than hoping for 76% of the people in the world to realize they’re cocks and get started on the long process of removing their torso from their own ass. in fact, nuclear winter would be a prohibitive favorite in a heads-up test. i feel like a crusty bytch for being a feudal/luddite/misanthropic grumpzorss but whatever. if the price of the iFuture is such that people are going to TYPE ON LAPTOPS WHILE THEY FORNICATE i’m fucking going Montana Freeman. you never hear about any FDR-style liberals starting separatists movements. maybe it is time to change that. i have lots of clothes and i can probably bring enough tillamook cheese to feed us for a week or two. after that who knows what fun we’ll have. there’s a hamster we can probably eat.

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