kind of like playing basketball

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Jul 2 (16 hours ago)
I don’t want to add to any potential confusion surrounding the plausibility or implausibility of the end of The Last Crusade, but it’s also worth noting that the idea of a medieval person creating a spelling-based deathtrap/puzzle is perhaps incongruous. I’m pretty sure I remember the last (and only) First Crusade chronicle I read spelling ‘Jerusalem’ in ways ranging from Hierusalem to Iherusalem to Ierusalem, and that was written by someone literate. Besides, even the best medievals could barely write – if I remember my palaeography, there is a medieval “i” character that looks like a ‘j’ called an ‘i longa’ that isn’t a ‘j’ at all.

2 thoughts on “kind of like playing basketball”

  1. You’re talking about motherfucking eternal knights who can build trompe-l’oeil platforms that look invisible. This shit is child’s play.

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