Hunting Sketches

Merchant’s (a bistro? cantina?), Oakland CA, where I consumed budweiser and was told shit used to be worse in there.

Two bums sleeping on the vent in front of the UC Press building. There’s frequently a guy sleeping there; this was the first time I’d seen double occupancy.

Shit is about to pop off at the Hyde Park Co-Op. A love affair with staying strapped is more like it.

A series: Magik Mart, critical link in the supply chain of 53rd & Harper corner boys and my own self, got snuffed by the federales. Shortly thereafter, a roadside tribute patch sprung up.

Paris, 1919, Boulevard des Woodlawn et 54ème. Nice driveway!

eternal spring in s. hyde park. the sister nations of the czech republic and slovakia are beaming their love out to you through the masaryk soul antenna.

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