doing it wrong

i purchased a brown (“coffee”) colored 1976 Raleigh Sprite from that dude who sells bikes in front of the Med. Please to see the picture here: Pete’s bike

I have been ruminating on assorted topics and have a sort of nutso cri de coeur in the works, attempting to explain what shit and why shit has been gnawing at my insides recently. but i was then promptly distracted by life, in the form of reading all six parts of Akira, watching westerns, and playing wii. i am also switching over to a special old-man diet of salted cashews and seltzer water, and the odd shrimp cocktail now and again for iron and roughage. I cannot foresee any problems cascading from this. I swear to the great pumpkin there are words bouncing around inside my skull like a dingy early 90s screen saver and that i will take the time to release some of them here. not that this is a thing worth making empty promises about. i am experiencing weird comfort that i don’t know how to process properly. also i signed a lease on a basement apartment in the vicinity of my now-gone castle at 57th and blackstone. seems like nothing ever changes with me, i just keep rearranging my life in small ways to look more and more like things that used to be, excepting now, in the reenactments, i have less hair and better clothing. i apologize for the emo content of this post and i owe you all foulmouthed ranting. fingers crossed.

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