anton chigurh

you can tell he’s guilty by how he’s holding a flashlight under his chin. i hate this TVing country post-cold-war dystopia. i am turning in my card.

i just watched ken dorsey take snaps as the Browns’ quarterback. i’m going back to sorting my prayer cards.

also, i am getting more and more interested in the nascent field of gilbert arenas studies:

Arenas came close to 60 again Friday, finishing with 54 points as the Wizards ended the Phoenix Suns’ 15-game winning streak with a 144-139 OT win.

“When you are on fire, you are on fire,” Arenas told the Post.

Arenas denied that his performance Friday was directed at Suns coach Mike D’Antoni, who was on the Team USA staff that asked Arenas, who reportedly had a groin injury, to leaving training camp this summer. Arenas had previously vowed to score 100 points against Phoenix and the Portland Trail Blazers, whose coach, Nate McMillan, was also on the Team USA staff.

i’ll reportedly give you a groin injury. i love you gilbert.

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