i drink for the thirst to come

So I read The Road by Cormac McCarthy, (which is not GRUPPEN von Mary McCarthy [which i am also reading, fyi, and is the best book since i am charlotte simmons]). The Road is good and you should read it, although I think i am pinning my desire-to destroy-geschichte-tail on someone else’s book-donkey if you know what i mean. anyway in The Road, the guy has two bullets, and he uses one of them to shoot this dude relatively early in the story, which is fine, but then he has one bullet, so he’s never really going to be able to shoot anyone. specifically, he won’t have the necessary two bullets to shoot himself and his son, should things come to that, which they well may. i never really had that much to say about gil meche other than, the royals giving dude 5 yrs $55 million is the equivalent of having two bullets and a lot people you need to shoot, and shooting the least threatening one of them twice. shit makes no sense. rest assured i am somewhere in your metro area thinking about class mobility a/i/r/t (apologies for the david foster wallace neologism) baseball and literature.

i am working on a self-defense project involving a wayne gretzky-style JOFA helmet. they’re harder/more dear to come by than i had hoped. i previously had rejected bike helmets as fughesi but i am ready to embrace some manner of half-assed asset maintenance. a baseball helmet was the initial plan but they don’t come with chin straps.

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