Maybe you got a pretty wife

i came back from Vancouver. below are some drawrings, filtered through my cell phone, of what i seen. i have some pictures that are less shitty Steve (only a few). what i learned was: i can use my phone as an actual camera (these are the small versions), and taking pictures outdoors in 100% cloud cover doesn’t work that well. vancouver is the future, but you have to remember that the future is not automatically 100% made of good ideas. something about slutting it up with a big red belt, etc etc.

other big news: i voted today, for the first time. for the illinois-area fans, both Rod “Skullface” Blagojevich and Judy Baar Topinka got the finger. instead, the Green party guy got a vote. To be honest, the Klan could have run a candidate for governor for IL and soaked up 10% of the vote, so don’t go and shit the bed making plans for ’08, Green Party. I also voted for Lisa Madigan, for a guy whose listed name was Jerry “Iceman” Butler, and for A) no assault weapons B) raising the minimum wage C) immediate withdrawl from Iraq. First time I’ve ever participated in our democracy, and it was mostly because I walked by the polling place by accident, and had been registered automatically when i got an IL driver’s license in september. secret excitement: i get to add an airport to the list.

This goose did not suffer from social anxiety. In fact, he was about to give me the jim everett treatment if i didn’t get out from between him and people eating clam chowder. May have been a girl actually. As I went about taking this picture, a middle-aged canadian woman told me not to try to pet the goose.

This is me, laying on the kitchen floor, with Bruce. I’m not sure when i turned into such a (redacted).

This was about as sunny as it got after the first day in vancouver. view from 19th floor of the surprisingly dingy vancouver hyatt.

badger graffiti. this was by some abandoned railroad tracks by the fish wharf. where i went to get fish from the fish shack.

this was a barstruant of some type. i like dogs?

i wrote this on my hand and then loudly announced my intention to get a cupcake, because i wanted people to read my hand and explain the deal with this guy at a halloween party. he was dressed up as (i think) an organ grinder’s monkey, except he was wearing tights and lipstick and was engaged in an overly serious (and overly fucking weird) confabulation with someone.

view of the recently acquired novelty ashtray promoted from rockefeller chapel. the soy milk is for scale. also recently acquired by me: understand that silk is not merely an accurate description of the product’s texture, but a pun on soy milk. please note also that paul konerko is mr. november on the 2006 white sox calendar.

sex refs. hard to explain, but i wanted you all to know just the same.

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