That shit is right up your alley

“Astros decline $18m option on Bagwell”: Oh word? What if we came down to 17m?

topics for further investigation:
:: running away to become a submariner
:: one-year anniversary of my becoming a fake adult
:: sociological inquiry into why the f*** people like scarface so ********* much.
:: getting your hair cut down to “1”
:: why i am moving out of hyde park (swear to fuckign god i’ll do it) (hint: involves restaurants. hint: the world ‘restaurants’ is doing double duty for a) actual restaurants b) something else)
:: moneymaking schemes. i haven’t heard anything, so i’m assuming everyone is hard at work thinking about them. we should arrange a meeting of some kind. let me be stridently clear that these are less like honest entrepreneurship, and better characterized as scams or confidence games. even if that winds up not being true (it’s going to)
:: living with sport coats. it’s better this way. i am at the foot of the oldtimey stone bridge to dressing like either a sort-of almost adult or a scuzzy grad student or some combination thereof, all i need is leather shoes. but scuffed ones.

Yr voyageur is going to Vancouver tomorrow morning for a week, so he will too busy riding a bike on Kitsilano beach and eating free meals and standing a table at a conference to get to typing much. We relay this information to you A) to point out that the last two work trips i have taken have been to places where the Grizzlies play or did play B) because I am sincerely geeked about Vancouver and want people to share (by which I mean, not share) my grizzly about all of this. I will bring you all baubles and tales of mer-men from the pacific NW. until then consider me a thuggedout naked green guy hiding in your swamp, and tap some forests otherwise bad shit.

One thought on “That shit is right up your alley”

  1. I have to admit that that picture of Vancouver (that is Vancouver, right?) looks like something I would like to “roll up,” if you know what I mean. Then I would go-go-go for the mountain.

    Is it for this I have hunted? 15 months.

    I saw a vibrator today on Forbes Avenue. I almost picked it up, but the I caught my reflection in a drrrty old pan of oil. advanced geometry.

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