always believe in yourself

:: in keeping with my new new tradition of actually posting things, here are the visual themes for the essay to follow some time on sunday. for those in the cheap seats, the mustachioed gentleman is orson welles playing herr dr franz kindler, then a cartoon in korean about milton bradley and jeff kent and race relations, and then mike skinner. the actual themes will be race relations, group exercise, self-loathing, custom hot rods, the city of chicago, my decaying physical plant. i sat up late of a night drinking whiskey with lemons in it, then i slept for a few hours and went on a bike ride on the lake. apart from increasingly hard to ignore leg pain, i learned some important things about myself this morning.

the first thing i learned, or maybe re-learned, is that I hate everything, which is to say, I hate almost everyone, sometimes for one specific reason, sometimes for a combination of several reasons. The second, or maybe last thing, was that i am, as usual, mostly unjustified in my biases. I will return to all of this later, after i go to the book fair and perjure myself for the 24th consecutive day. i need to rethink the technique of my betting shit.

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