plots i have laid

the bridge from the first shot of major league:

a guy with a baby on his shoulder walking past a building, in front of a sign across the street that says drug items

a bank sign in tremont. i suspect the drugaddled hipsters across the street who were taking pictures of us taking pictures of the sign are responsible

the american food mart. if you can’t tell, it’s in a great neighborhood

a car with a florida marlins bumper sticker (and most of a french flag). also please note that it is a lebaron. and it is parked next to the fuckass sign.

a colt 45 ad that has been hanging in that window (the one with the plaid sheet for a curtain) since at least 1998

the rocky river at berea falls

me, looking dashing as ever

nice driveway

2 thoughts on “plots i have laid”

  1. I thought you were just going to be a tease and take another four weeks off, but no, here is the author and the socioculturalethnic context from which he sprung.

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