invincible sun god/keep stop telling weird lies

please take the following quotes as my opinion on A) iraq B) the super bowl C) you D) crisis of faith in academia

The mistake I made, he thought, going back in time, was not to have had plenty of seeds, a different packet of seeds for each pocket: pumpkin seeds, marrow seads, beans, carrot seeds, beetroot seeds, onion seeds, tomato seeds, spinach seeds. Seeds in my shoes too, and in the lining of my quote, in case of robbers along the way. Then my mistake was to plant all my seeds together in one patch. I should have planted them one at a time spread out over miles of veld in patches of soil no larger than my hand, and drawn a map and kept it with me at all times so that every night I could make a tour of the sites to water them. Because if there was one thing I discovered out in the country, it was that there is time enough for everything.

When you are in love with someone, their life, past, present and future, becomes in a curious way part of your life; and yet, at the same time, since two separate human entities in fact remain, you merely carry your own prejudices into another person’s imagined existence; not even into their ‘real’ existence, because only they themselves can estimate what their ‘real’ existence has been.

you can knock 1.5 more books off the planned 104 (Life and Times of Michael K and The Acceptance World).

Life and Times of Michael K: Probably a bit better than Disgrace, in terms of the raw material that Coetzee strings together. Maybe a bit worse, as far as the experience of reading is concerned. I should probably be more conversant in Kafka before attempting a second reading of this book. Much much better than Elizabeth Costello, past page 75 of which i can’t suggest you should investigate (not sure if that sentence is legible — don’t read Elizabeth Costello, is what i’m saying in the end)

Resonated with me:
:: A guy with a harelip who can’t be nursed by his mother
:: His dad is an orphanage
:: Trying to scatter your mom’s ashes on a farm someplace you’ve never been, so you resort to picking a random farm that vaguely meets the specifications (owner’s last name started with W-, there is a chicken run behind the house)
:: Living in a hole in the ground, sleeping during daylight, tending to pumpkins in the dark

i’m not hopeful of a chance to go over this book personally with JM Coetzee, but i have several theories i would like to air: one, Book Two, with the Kenilworth camp doctor taking over as narrator from the omniscient Coetzee of book one and three, is less about colonialism as it is about mediation. Like, the doctor is the author. Maybe Coetzee feels colonial, i don’t want to get into that crap with you slimy lawyers. I perjured myself already here. Felt compunction to leave some kind of digital/archival proof of my existence, besides the ships log i started keeping. Mostly it is just records of transactions. I’m going to buy the penguin-shaped humidifier with the super bowl squares money. This is how i want to be remembered.

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  1. excerpt 1 is from Life and Times of Michael by John Maxwell Coetzee, excerpt 2 is from book 3 of A Dance to the Music of Time by (carmelo) anthony powell

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