Trust me, i’m a stomach

Things to avoid:
:: Current music
:: Talking
:: Special treats
:: Frowning, or smiling, without a really good reason
:: Being outside in Chicago (apparently a third-degree personage got hit in the face with a piece of pipe then beat up, then robbed by a gang of teenagers somewhere over on cottage grove. the catch: he was riding his bike when someone threw the pipe at him. the next thing is clearly going to be like getting robbed while sitting in a cop car)

ask me sometime about the nerdiest two people in the world and how i have to listen to their confabulations twice a week. i can’t go into it now.

i’ve been doing some scientific observation on the not-new phenomenon of scowling at strangers. i have actually curtailed my scowling, which only seems to provoke scowling in others. it’s the unchecked aggression therapy, i guess. if you want someone to be scowling, for whatever reason, the best way to provoke that behavior is to scowl at everyone. including babies.

i have nothing to add, other than, andy marte: you are not white, which i thought you were. this has no impact on your ability to be a good third baseman for the next trillion years post 2006.

3 thoughts on “Trust me, i’m a stomach”

  1. I can’t get this question out of my head: why right after Vaughn tells W.M.H. that he’s “not in to Song of Hiawatha,” and Dorn throws Crime and Punishment at him, and, WMH asks if it is a detective story does Vaughn swaps it for Song of Hiawatha?

  2. my theory has always been that vaughn was ok giving away Crime and Punishment for Song of Hiawatha, because that was like getting something for nothing. Now he has whatever he wouldn’t trade for Song of Hiawatha AND Song of Hiawatha. or, he’s illiterate and thus doesn’t really care in the end result, is the other explanation, which would jibe with the whole thing about his needing glasses. also inadvertently revealed is that Dorn’s understanding of russian literature is shallow at best.

  3. I think we can safely take this entire episode to be proof of Rick Vaughn’s scholarship. If, when Dorn throws “Crime and Punishment” at Vaughn, Vaughn was not familiar with the work, he would likely have kept it for himself, no? The title suggests a work in the world Vaughn formerly occupied, yet Vaughn voluntariliy swaps “C+P” for “Song of Hiawatha,” which he, again is “not in to.” Thus, it stands to reason that unless Vaughn is entirely shook by his prison experience and does not want to evoke it in any way (doubtful, given his tendency to dress like an outcast – i.e., his aversion to caps and sleeves), that he likely holds the California Penal System’s highest degree in 19th Century Russian Literature – Comic Form.

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