wrap a hot towel around your head

First part:
Well, those who have seen me since i got robbed can tell you that I’ve definitely become, ah, defensive, I think is the most politic word I can think of regarding my personal safety at night (you don’t miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, that’s a new tool i have). i’m afraid that my paranoia related to getting robbed and possibilities of getting robbed again has completely leaked into the rest of my life (which is where it originated anyway). and now i am getting into tense race-relations moments in such fine places as the checkout line at jewel-osco, the fast food place downstairs, the bus, the walk to work, etc. basically every time someone asks me for money it’s short odds that i will walk away from them muttering profanities. sort of sucks. my main take on it right now is, don’t rob people. it turns them into assholes. also, don’t rob me, i was already an asshole and now you gave me coal to burn.

2) my new year’s resolution: acquire a $1000 suit by following a 5’11” 200 lb man into the bathroom at the new Graduate School of Business building and shitbeating him (or her). anyone else want a suit — just send me your general build and i’ll get started.

3) Munich: why bother making a movie look good, and storyboard the shit out of it, and pay lots of people vast sums of money, if you are going to have it end in a) cognitive dissonance b) weird extra-scum finger-pointing c) trite compromise. just the same, you can get a B-minus, as far as movie grades go, just by hiring a polish cinematographer and making your film 165 minutes long. that appears to be all it takes.

4) we are on week two of the “me not getting the turkey leg from ribs and bibs” news vigil. since they only serve it on the weekend, i am safe for another four days. god bless my people.

5) i no longer give a shit about anything. i’m going to sit around and read wikipedia entries then go back to college and use up my NCAA eligibility. i feel like i could probably be the third-string QB for somebody, right, just as part of some kind of scholarship-laundering racket somewhere. then i’m going to read more and become a english teacher for rich kids somewhere in the northeast and eventually they’ll find me dead with a weird smile on my face.

6) The Sun Also Rises: D-minus, and that’s generous? Why, exactly, was ernest hemingway famous for being a good writer? somebody help me out here.

7) The Mysteries of Pittsburgh: good writing, undercooked story, almost-memorable book? i was encouraged, because apparently all you need to get started on the road towards semi-celebrity status and bags full of money is an appreciation for Gatsby and a typewriter and some free time. And genitals to obsess over. So, where do i start my shopping list.

8) Seriously, ernest hemingway, what the bleep.

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