Gender-neutral and family restroom

i was going to present some more adventures in cultural literacy (i still had the adventures nee) but instead i decided i needed to spend three hours listening to incomprehensible tape recordings of me in the back of a limousine with four provincial adjutant rockettes and five other people whose function i remain unclear on. sometimes i do not understand things that i allow to happen to me. i think this is because i have some kind of debiliating pyschological malformity wherein the part of my brain that recalls what activities I am well-suited for only actually works right like four hours a day, and those hours change all the time. if you get me during the blackout period you could talk me into becoming a larouche activist or joining the coast guard. other things of moment: i saw a transexual dance show, consisting of one (1) transexual who did not know the lyrics to either of the song he was dancing to (good dancer though — i won’t hate).

coming soon to the ptb reading and discussion bund:
Anthony Powell
Mikhail Lermontov
Clinton Portis
Peter De Vries: John Updike for humans
the weird eurasian frat guy at the computer next to me who won’t stop farting through his mouth (is there are thing where you can be a hypochondriac about other people’s manners and facial expressions, i have it if it exists)
neonationalism in my personal autopsy of culture
thoughts on viewing The Blue Planet while sober

dear college girl,
why are you in a computer lab in your underwear at 9:30 at night? were you raised in a whorehouse. also, how do you have a suntan, you look very non-ethnic and the sun hasn’t been out for two months. i suspect you of various sins, including being part of a nationwide decision to crap on revanchist secular mormonism. also, why did you sit so far away from, now i can’t see you
mr. beatty

dear mr. beatty,
why are you in a computer lab with a scarf on at 9:30 at night? you graduated from college more than 2 years ago and you are already balding. i will cut you
virgin-whore complex

5 thoughts on “Gender-neutral and family restroom”

  1. In re: cultural literacy, are you aware that your picture is on Not that I saw that page after reading Blue States Lose on Gawker or anything. No, not at all.

  2. people keep e-mailing it to me. is this web site actually a thing that people who are not 19-year-old chicago hipsters look at?

  3. This week, Clinton Portis was Reverend Gonna Change. Poor reviews for the performance, but kudos for the costume.

  4. thecobrasnake is fucking reprehensible.

    “interesting photos” seems to pictures of the poor and of the fat. I swear hipsters need to fucking diediedie.

    where was this alleged pic of p?

  5. I would hope to god that nobody but 19-year old hipsters cares about thecobrasnake, and that they grow out of that phase quickly.

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