Keep your laws off my body

abortions? abortions!! get some condoms, i don’t know. there’s more than one way to skin a cat, i’ll just say that much; giving birth to an unwanted child doesn’t mean you can’t give it away or slowly abort it by raising it in a loveless home or something. maybe i’m not a good guy or something (definitely) but I don;t understand why both sides of the pro-life issue aren’t trying to pull the Older Sibling move where you just pretend that whatever happens, you don’t care that much anyway about the outcome, you just don’t want to see your Younger Sibling be happy. i shouldn’t talk about this shit here. after all these years wrestlign gators, i still feel like crying…

personal bitch-get-your-mind right bulletin: i’ve managed to get the post-6 pm paranoia and fear for my shit remaining not mugged down to almost acceptable levels EXCEPT now the sun is going down earlier and earlier everyday. which means that i am not going to be able to do anything other than sit in a corner or nap after 4:30 in the afternoon if i keep living in hyde park. i might also get arrested for harpooning the bum who plays a goddamn plastic tub all day on 53rd street. i mean it, a harpoon. big one, like for whales.

Attn GRE: Stop costing $115. where the TV am i going to get $115.

movies i would see, if i was seeing a movie right now (keep your opinions to yourself):
1. The 50 Cent/Jim Sheridan movie
2. The Nicolas Cage weatherman movie (I like Michael Caine?)
3. the movie where it’s not so cold in this apartment
4. Tristram Shandy

Also, Philip Roth, ok, I admit it, I was wrong. He’s not just a guy who writes about how worried he is about a) his own wang b) how hard it is to be a semi-famous lapsed Jew novelist. He also writes The Great American Novel, which, despite the corny name, is, as moacir predicted, very very much in my sweatlodge.

3 thoughts on “Keep your laws off my body”

  1. I have some GRE prep books you can have, in the event that you wouldn’t rather die than read them. Plus, practice tests on CD Rom!

  2. ruth i will totally take your GRE prep books. about the cat thing, i actually don’t know where that came from, it just seems like an appropriate thing to say.

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