A little bit of all right

Servings of ice cream consumed per diem, average for 10/8 to 10/12/05: 3

“Sweet home chicago”: not actually a good song. I want to share innervisions with everybody but my brain is kind of fried from being in the car all day. i want sportsbook.com to offer odds on which member of the fox MLB broadcast team is drunkest, by BAC, as of the first inning of game 2 of the ALCS. i think it was McCarver, by a clear margin, but you never know with Lou Piniella and i wouldn’t put anything past Joe Buck and his asymmetrical neckface. you are definitely pregnant. I just realized in the past two days that part of the reason I have hard times getting the peace of mind/concentration to write seriously is that I spend most of my time in loud places without anything for writing on or with. I literally just figured this out. This is like the time I figured out I wasn’t actually allergic to ham, even though I had been telling myself for 12 years that I was specifically allergic to ham, like pink cut-from-the-bone ham, but not allergic to any other kind of pig meat. I think at one point I even claimed that mustard on the ham made me not allergic to it. The weird part was that adults believed and supported my theory about being allergic to one specific preparation of swine. Not like frequently occurring adults in the narrative but accredited adults. I got new jeans.

2 thoughts on “A little bit of all right”

  1. The problem is that Fox went out of their way to find an ultra-shitty version of “Sweet Home Chicago,” leading one to believe that (given the number of mediocre versions of the song extant) they tried really, really hard to find a shitty version.

    Lou Pinella: is clearly only comfortable when he’s swearing at people.

    At least they stopped the elderly-uncle-sex-advocation commercial

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