The Studio 54 of used bookstores

get your ugly baby out of my upscale wine and beer retail outlet, please. while you’re moving your baby, some shit that needs to get addressed because it is making my brain leak out my ear.

1. Andersonville: The Lincoln Park of gay? Don’t get caught up is all.
2. All of Chicago is bad. I figured this out using math. Except for Hyde Park, nee.
3. Strand Used Books tote bags. That store isn’t good, ok, and that bag doesn’t even have a phone number on it.
4. Ways we can fight back: having children at younger ages. I ate a whole box of licorice today, that wasn’t fighting back, or part of fighting back. Felt like I should make a clean breast of things.

Dear Sportscenter,
Please stop pretending to actual journalism or at least bring in a non-scott van pelt outlet to read the scary human-interest hurricane coverage.

reading synopses:
Money / Martin Amis
People seem reticent on giving this book/M. Amis due respect. Sam suggests this is because the fortune cookie version of this book is “You are a shithead”

The Razor’s Edge / W. Somerset Maugham
Just not good. This is actually, if you follow, part of my project to start a laboratory-controlled hipster backlash against Bill Murray; at any rate, this shit is dumb, Maugham is dumb, and if you like him, I will bite your hand.

Some Dreamers of the Golden Dream / Joan Didion
Holy TV this is awesome California is weird. I want to move east again. I think working at a liquor store is starting to abrade my relationship with god and scientific reality.

10 thoughts on “The Studio 54 of used bookstores”

  1. I liked Money. People get all “ooh nepotism, young angry men . . . cigarettes . . . porn . . . beer . . . what a drag” but i dont hang out with them anyway. read away.

  2. ok you’re right about chicago except for the bit about hyde park, BUT, most of chicago is still better than most of nyc/la/boston/houston/miami/hipster subtrend destination cities?

    there are no known acceptable tote bags. fake allegiances to the strand give me the willies. david wells, you are a smart guy.

    I respect ugly babies and ugly dogs, both of them, although their owners (just dogs we’re talking about now) are always suspect people. new trend i’ve noticed: parents of infants guesstimating how hot their babies are going to turn out; this seems to be sort of a competitive thing.

  3. if you do not currently live in la i would appreciate you qualify your ultimately wrong and useless opinions of it with some sort reason or experience. LA has a great deal to offer, just less so if you’re ugly. that doesnt make it a bad place, just not ugly friendly like chicago. man is chicago full of uglies.

  4. j. harvey, “full of uglies” doesn’t really feel like reason; it might qualify as experience, i guess, but there’s no accounting for taste

  5. i didnt say full of uglies was a reason for anything? I simply said there are good things about LA, mor eso if you’re not ugly.

    I do NOT stand corrected

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