Dressed in fine linens

I’m just jacking this link from the end of a Slate article but i want to talk about this:
weird semicritical treatment of hipsterdom as an autonomous worldview that it’s OK to talk about

acquired today:
one pair sneakers, 20 USD
one beer-b-q chicken salad
approx 3 lb of cherry tomatoes and cauliflower (consumed in one sitting)

Certainly on the surface of things I have to agree that Wes Anderson is pretty much the only guy you can point to as a well-known commercially viable instance of hipsterdom; if it walks like a duck etc etc. But, so, is Owen Wilson a hipster then? Can we stop using the word hipster. the only thing i will give dude points for is dissecting the “racism for the jokes” angle, which definitely almost explains why i like racist jokes so much (potential answers: because they’re funny; because i’m a racist; because they’re funny and i’m a racist). before you shit your pants or harass me, know that i am of italian/ethiopian extraction and grew up poor and gay within emotional-transferral distance of brook park (support our ribbons)

I have on one of those thermal long sleeve t-shirts because I am rugged. I took a digital picture of myself wearing gun range headphones and looking pensive. But i have no idea how to get it from that “memory stick” to the computing device. this is not a huge loss, really (yes it is fuck you)

3 thoughts on “Dressed in fine linens”

  1. since we all evidently gather around the same hearth here, I would just like to let Mr. Raden know that his *other* cat is doing great but appears to have not gotten any smarter, which means she’s still retarded.

    also recent evidence suggests that in the hipster/not-hipster word pair, ‘hipster’ takes in the laundry (if you know what I mean). So by default, if you’re between a certain age and another certain age (which we will leave open so as not to hurt feelings), you are a hipster; unless you’re a nerd, frat guy, or homo.

  2. wiry cat is pretty good althoug has apparently beefed up a little bit (blame my sister she has no cat dietitian abilties), since this is apparently the transcontinental cat information clearinghouse. steve you are a monument to something.

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