carrie anne

i keep forgetting, whenever i get a job interview or series of job interviews, to keep applying for more jobs in the interim so that when/if i don’t get the job i just interviewed for, i have other jobs to get/not get waiting. it’s not like having a financial soluble life situation matters anyway, i am independently wealthy and can always generate more income by selling off my old collection of tv guides. airplanes (there’s a machine in the sky) are in my future, and i mean the future in like the next three hours sense. hopefully the orange line/red line isn’t going to just fall over and burst into flames, which is more or less what i expect, at this point.

door malfunctions
the guy who appears to live in the alley behind this building (unjustified)
people who ride bikes on sidewalks
i think the free pizza from cardozos pub is catching up with me. that or the five straight days of eating lentil soup from lebanese dudes around corner.

In uncollated response to various queries from the comments box:
Yes, I work at a gourmet liquor store now. It’s nice, except when they made me clean the bathroom. and they could pay me more and it wouldn’t destabilize anything
Jake, if i could do a better job organizing my thoughts i probably would be on the supreme court, so just make the best of what god gave me
The White Sox are going to lose in the first round of the playoffs after garcia and garland shit the bed in successive starts, and mark buerhle can’t pitch more than twice in a five game series, and that’s assuming his arm is still attached to his body at that point. or maybe i should say, that’s what i want to see happen. they’ll probably get to the world series and shame america in some more grandiose way

i have 25 dollars in gift cards that i can spend on beer or bowling

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