I like your shirt

I would linger with you all for a while but I have to go home, take off the black suit, and go work at a liquor store. There will be more later on the new best face of America, which is some kind of combination of the guy from the Hold Steady, Jhonny Peralta (not American in literal sense) and Tom Berenger. Is Platoon good? Why did I watch ten minutes of Platoon this morning? Why did I watch almost all of The Great Escape last night. Because The Great Escape is awesome. I wish I could go into greater detail on a lot of topics, but I’m done recovering from the chicken salad and I should really get going. Who eats chicken salad (don’t answer that)

Before I forget: Where people at the U of C always so fucked up looking? I don’t mean unattractive, I mean incapable of dressing like adults? I should stop swearing so much. There is a guy with hair down to his shoulders. Also, I figured out specifically how dreadlocks are immoral, again you have to wait to find out about that. Lord knows the reason for giving us summer in the city, you better move, you better dance all night long.

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