blue Presbyterian girl

Not to delve into the personal hell of observational humor BUT WHY THE FUCK DOES EVERYONE HAVE ROLLING LUGGAGE NOW. i need a ruling on this. PICK UP YOUR FUCKING BACKPACK. while i’m hating, the #($&#ing people across the street need a new child-care approach, or at least an alternate one, because “put the crying screaming children out on the porch where they can annoy anyone within a half-mile with an open window” seems to be their bread-and-butter move. also, i rode my new old bike (pictured below) from foster to hyde park and back to foster (except i had to stop like three times on the last 1/4 of the ride to drink water and just not crash into a tree because my asslegs hurt so much). also I went to the store and purchased tan jeans and a pair of canvas-sided shoes. i am still awaiting explanation for how the east side of uptown has like 51% of all the visible insane residents of chicago in it. this is like .01% of the total land area and it is has more than half of the crazy people. more on this when I get some field work done.

that’s me on the bike. these last few years have been hard on me.

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