the second fronde

as astute readers may or may not have discerned this blog is going to be undergoing a temporary relocation, in the world of concrete and seagulls, to somewhere in between broadway and clark on “winona street” which is a fine name for a street, although i have a stated preference for number-based street names, conferring as they do an air of city living. anyway, i am looking forward to the forthcoming kulturkampf summer jam. although it seems like prevailing kultur, on the various main drags of andersonville, breaks down like this:

broadway side: vietnamese people; junkies; subfaction of shoeless, extra-confused junkies, subfaction of shoeless but lucid junkie-manques.

clark side: very nice gay people; old people of all different kinds; some junkies.

which is to say, i don’t know if this is the appropriate theatre that i thought it was for being alienated all summer. which is to say that i know it isn’t. anyway, i still feel like there is a great deal of potential for anthropological research this summer, although i’m crestfallen that i don’t get to use the word kulturkampf that often. i should probably own up and say that i’m just killing time here, i have nothing to do until 2:15 except go to the bathroom preemptively, which cancels out the fun out of actually getting to go to the bathroom. well, this is inane. I had a kobe beef hot dog last night, it wasn’t very good.

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