“Beware, the knitters are on to you”

Was somebody telling me something about how Tony Danza visits guys on Death Row and tries to make them see the light of God? If so I would like to be reminded of the specifics of that. Also, apparently my blog got flamed by knitters over the past two nights. Several of the more thuggish knitting advocates made weird vague comments comparing reading and writing to knitting, and others suggested that my hate for knitting is a result of having been neglected by my mother, and in general an threatening air was put across by the knitting delegation. It was also suggested that i buy my clothes at the Gap (I am reeling) and that I am probably a raving homosexual.

Is Yuppie an insult anymore? I think it is, but that’s because I grew up reading Mad Magazine and American Splendor. I would spend some time workign this out but I don’t actually want to and I am leaving now.

4 thoughts on ““Beware, the knitters are on to you””

  1. UM, I love to knit. I also like baking pies. As a matter of fact, I enjoy doing many things that have been classical “women’s roles”. I make my living caring for other people becuase I like to. And if I had to take care of you I would treat you like you were a member of my own family. But I wouldn’t like it that you hate knitters!

  2. Think of where our world would be if knitting disappeared? What would happen to those 8th-generation family yarn farmers?

  3. Um. Where on earth did you get that people insinuated that you’re a raving homosexual? I don’t see that in any comments. Maybe it’s on some other portion of your bloggette.

    At least if you were gay you would have something going for you.

  4. I just wanted to comment so that I could gain a little clarity on this. I am a Knitwear designer, as well as a knitter. I have practiced many other art forms in the past (none with textiles). i have noticed with almost every thing I have done, there are a few talented and useful practitioners, and many totally unskilled and often volatile amateurs. I enjoy what I do, and it IS a neccessary pasttime if for no other reason than that without designers, there would be no sweaters to purchase in the store. however, the recent surge in popularity is often aggravating, and strange. Although basic knitting skills are not hard to acquire, the influx of unskilled new knitters doing it because it is hip often a) expect big results with little effort b)assume that since athing is “handmade” it is of high quality c)often waste time and money attempting to gain a skill they do not have the talent or ability to learn. this , of course, does not apply to all knitters, but there are many out there with awful spatial comprehension, poor knowledge of color, and very very low reading comprehension skills (oh DO NOT let me get into that one). This is often a very irritating phenomenon for me, as well as other skilled knitters. I think many of the “new” “cool” things that are popping up in the knitting world give the skill a bad name. I love what I do, and find it neccessary and rewarding, but I really can’t understand why it is becoming so popular, and am anxious for the craze to pass. it is sort of like millions of tone deaf people taking up opera. So, for clarity-are you completely opposed to knitting as a whole, or just the trend?

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