None shall escape the Judgment

Cars Driven 2005
Pontiac Firebird owned by Carmelita the in-home caregiving personality
Minivan owned by guy I work for
Acura owned by guy I work for
My mom’s PT Cruiser?
Dad’s pickup truck? Maybe? Have I been in Cleveland in 2005?
Land Rover owned by Gabe
That other one

I’ve run through about every potential way I can avoid doing work today, except this one. Which is not to say that this is the blog entry equivalent of a clip show (and that, the subsequent ‘this’, is good or worth your time in any way. In fact, where you would get that kind of impression I can’t say). The ways I have avoided doing work include going to a different job for a while, taking off the hardtop and putting on the soft top on someone else’s Jeep, reading a very long article about the proposed NY Jets Westside stadium, thinking about whether or not my earlier contention that I don’t give a shit about people in comas is holding true (still going), wondering whether I lost one of the two cats I am currently project-managing (pretty sure I did; screen door was open [I didn’t open it] but the cat can deal with a dirty pepperland courtyard just fine), stumbling up and down 57th street several times, loitering/ogling undergraduates, standing on the other side of 57th street tracking panhandling troop movements, looking at a satellite picture of the building i was sitting in to see if my idea of what the roof looks like is what it actually looks like (it is). You can also add making this list to the list itself.

Larger points:
Why not get an MFA. NANCY THE BUSINESS MANAGER GAVE ME A #$)# CHECK I AM RICH! not actually: $118.25

Anyway, MFAs.

She drags your laundry through the street….
What’s the deal with Steve Earle? Is he just inconsistent on account of being a psychopath/almost dead or whatever? His idea of a rugged country guitar-rock record about the American Taliban was a very good one, on paper at least. I wouldn’t be wondering if there weren’t 45 seconds of unaccountable silence at the end of this Steve Earle song on this CD.

Another thing: Is William Kennedy good? Can I get a call from the replay booth?

I stopped reading The Recognitions by William Gaddis because it was beginning to make me deeply unhappy, both regarding my ability to get through good but extremely challenging fiction quickly and my general actual mental healthy, which it was peeing on pretty much.

Can I get a ruling on how selfish it is to not want to work a 9-5 job? Ordinarily selfish or galactic failure to lessen the burden of your fellow man

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